Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Year 2 coming.

OK. 6 months had past. A year more to go.
What did I do.

An international conference.
An EXCEL programme.
A successful community service.
For photography club.... a dinner at Taman Tasik. A photography session that should be done better. Yeah, should be managed better.
And academics.

And semester exam.the most important exam in KMB, yet I think I should have done better.

A coming replacement interview.I better be prepared.

And a lot more to do. next semester. its 40.
not to mention my extended essay.

Im thinking of dropping something. Or shall I take the opportunity and take it all.And a better time management. and self discipline.

A man of values rather than a man of success.

Oh yeah, I watched Robin Hood with my dad:
"Rise and rise again until lambs become lion."
It means equal opportunity and rights for all.
Another quote.

So im at kuching doing hospital attachment.
Im interested more in talking to patients rather than the doctor.

A young doctor in Hospital Umum Sarawak in Surgical Unit of Specialist Clinic had obviously a strange impression on us. A junior doctor who thinks in next 5 years hospital will be crowded by doctors. And he means to say that......I should be aware of this and change our attitude to pass our interview. Okay doctor. I hope I can understand what he really trying to say.

Other than that doctor, the nurses and the more senior officers are very helpful. A young doctor who works in dermatological clinic really explains a lot of his job. Sister and nurses had shown us around the area.