Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why do I write?

It is very important to set up objectives!

I have decided to start posting again since there are a lot of things that is happening around me that I had only keep it to myself until now... I hope that it would be beneficial if someone can know about it and learn something from it. Even discussing the idea that I may have posted because ....GREAT people talk about IDEAS!

Also, as a reminder, the famous hadith (=Saying of our Prophet Muhammad SAW, Peace be Upon Him):

"Actions are by intentions and every man shall have only what he intended....Thus he whose migration was for Allah and His Messenger, and he whose migration was to achieve some worldly benefit or to take some woman in marriage, his migration was for that which he migrated"
  -Al Bukhari and Muslim

The essential thing that we can relate about this is the importance of OBJECTIVES.

So to make it clear for me, I shall list why I want to write:
-To improve my writings (obviously the more you write the better!). Not only in English but will be also in Malay.. also in the structure of the you may have noticed there is no proper flow whatsoever
-So that the reader can learn something from it (I dont usually have a target reader, but is planning to write for my juniors)
-To exercise myself to say out loud my idea and thinking. I feel sad when I think I have a good idea but is not able to say it out and defend it!
-Generally this is part of my self-improvement since I have abundance of time in this three months summer break. Hopefully I will be able to keep writing as long as I could..May Allah help me in this Istiqamah
-Hopefully, this will be part of my deeds that will help me to spread and to tell people about Islam because that is the responsibilities of everyone who has said the Shahadah
-Now, that sounds very Islamic isn't it?? but this blog is not about Islam in specific! It will be a very general-themed blog that would target all readers alike.

NOW, you would want to see my previous post and you will learn that I have stop writing since I entered the IB diploma programme. I started posting during my gap months after the national examination (SPM) take place. Here you will learn some of my area of interest!

Until then! Cheerio!