Sunday, April 19, 2009


Walkman series- Introducing The W910i.

RM600, current price.replaced my broken W700i-bought in 2006(RM 900 at that time, now it's less than half its initial price)

Met my cousin today at Alphacom shop in Bintang Plaza .

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kuching Diaries

13th Apr.
Arrived at KIA, morning flight, 7.15 a.m.Thanks to Udak Yassin.
Went to MARA office for a very serious business., Astana Plaza, Petrajaya.Hye Paul, Sandra, Lydia and Larry, Awang Nasuha and Syafiq.

Slept at Desa Ilmu, never taught there is a pool-in-a-shop for prawn-fishing. Very funny.Hye Abg Khalid, Ngah and Kak Syams.

14th Apr.
Three years since I went to Sambir, Asajaya. A lot of things had changed. Hye cousins.

Motorcycle riding is fun.No traffic.No helmets.Also no functioning speedometer and fuel indicator.Just engines and tyres.Told ya, very very exciting ride.

15th Apr.
Bye bye Sambir, my Kampong.

Arrived at Petrajaya, Kuching City. 8.00 p.m.Hye Dr.Rahmah, my niece, happy birthday. Congratulations too, doctor.

Ate at a Thai Resto, Satok.

16th Apr.
I love Miri.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Guide for MARA Interviewee

So, for future doctors and pharmacist applying for MARA loan, on the 13th of April will be the Judgment Day.

A.K.A interview.

So, prepare your essay-300 hundred words, in English or B.Melayu.
Here are some essays I found in the web- English and in Bahasa.

For the Borang Permohonan Pinjaman MARA, bahagian 2, anybody can clarify it further?
Bahagian II - Butir-butir Cadangan Pengajian,
Should former form 5 student, not entering any IPT yet, fill this section?
Because it asked about, Place Where You Study, What Course, Duration of Course,
or the questions are for Cadangan, so it mean the course we prefer to take, our future plan... anybody??

What you should prepare..
-Bring along your original certificate,
-Go to your former school, and asked them to certify your copies of cert.
-Ask for salary slip from your parents, and get them proved/certified by their employees.
-Book your ticket to Kuching!!
-Get a necktie, make a blazer, or borrow from your parent or your grand pa. But a long sleeve with a tie should be not overdress.
-Practice your English!! Try to talk in from of the mirror or before you go to sleep..


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Heli!!

Without the canopy/cover.These are the swashplate, motor and the servos.
Broken landing gear...
Now I can't fly the heli anymore..all the blade already broken..haha.
Teared apart....

I collected my parcel yesterday from Materials Procurement Sdn Bhd, opposite of Dewan Suarah.

I've waited this for a week and here it is!! My preeeeciouss..
Bought it from

THIS IS NOT A TOY.okay.. It's a 4 channel co-axial heli. Hobby grade.For beginners.
Co-Douphin, Douphin from E-Sky TWF,
It seems crashes are inevitable for first-time flier.